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A burger from Gator’s kitchen is not just any burger

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If love of food isn’t enough to inspire the best hamburgers in town, then certainly the love of life is. For Chef Glenn “Gator” Thompson, the two come hand in hand. What began as the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle became the pursuit of the most flavorful hamburger.

Chef Gator knew that when his health began to suffer, he had to make changes not just in his life, but in his kitchen, and from this realization, Chef Gator's Rustic Burger was born. A burger from Gator’s kitchen is not just any burger: every ingredient offers delicious, robust, complex flavors that will make your mouth as happy as your belly. From the grass-fed beef hailing from the open plains of Montana to the rosemary baked into the house-made buns, each ingredient in Gator’s burgers has its own unique story to tell.

Chef Gator’s Rustic Burger promises to bring you nothing less than the most carefully crafted and mindfully sourced bites that will leave you with smiles and a satisfied tummy. Come and experience Gator’s take on an American classic.

Chef Gator has been spotted on the Food Network, twice winning Guy's Grocery Games and one of the 4 finalists in Guy's Grocery Games Masters. So don't close your eyes, as you might get bit by that Gator flavor bug.

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The best bite is the gator bite


Chef Glenn “Gator” Thompson’s love for the culinary life began when he was just eight years old. Rising from bed in the late hours of the night, the desire to cook drove him to create around the clock. 

Late night culinary adventures were just the precursor to Chef Gator’s culinary accomplishments. Through his innovative and unique flavor profiles, Chef Gator built a cult following throughout the Bay Area, learning under renowned Chef Paul Bertolli at Oliveto, and then making his own name as chef-owner at Alcatraces in Noe Valley. Alcatraces distinguished itself from San Francisco’s bustling restaurant scene with its distinctive California-Cajun menu and festive mardi-gras atmosphere that resonated with Southern charm. As the mouthwatering Creole/Mexican Fusions, classic Italian menus and Southern inspirations propelled Chef Gator’s career into the limelight the chef realized that his life needed a dramatic redirection. Though his career had gained spectacular momentum his health had been suffering simultaneously and so Chef Gator set out to not only clean up his health but the cuisine that had ignited his passion.  READ MORE



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