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Chef Glenn “Gator” Thompson

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Chef Glenn “Gator” Thompson’s love for the culinary life began when he was just eight years old. Rising from bed in the late hours of the night, the desire to cook drove him to create around the clock. 

Late night culinary adventures were just the precursor to Chef Gator’s culinary accomplishments. Through his innovative and unique flavor profiles, Chef Gator built a cult following throughout the Bay Area, learning under renowned Chef Paul Bertolli at Oliveto, and then making his own name as chef-owner at Alcatraces in Noe Valley. 


Setting out to create the highest quality menu of consciously selected ingredients, Chef Gator has set out to reconstruct the hamburger, a staple to American fare, without the unnecessary impurities. The Gator Burger is made with the best, 100% grass-fed Yellowstone Beef which prides itself on being as ecologically and culturally sustainable as it is healthy and flavorful. 

Contact: Gator@GatorsRusticBurger.com


Susanne brown, Partner


At Chef Gator’s side is friend Susanne Brown.  Sue has been in the hospitality industry all of her life and can't imagine doing anything more gratifying. 

Susanne managed the Olema Farmhouse located in West Marin successfully for over ten years.  During this time she oversaw the restaurant and deli store along with the catering and banquet operations. 

Throughout her career she has developed and maintained long time relationships with her customers.  

Her passion and dedication lies in providing healthy great food and taking care of people.  Whether servicing her guests on a daily basis or putting her organizational skills to work on a stress-free special event that is to your perfection, Susanne will take care of you with her big infectious smile! 

Contact: Susanne@GatorsRusticBurger.com


Mary Ann Thompson, Partner


As  manager of Chef Gator’s acclaimed Neo-Soul Café, Bayonne, Dollie Marie's Alcatraces to name a few, Mary Ann Thompson a relative new-comer to the restaurant industry, has had the good fortune to be trained and mentored directly by Chef Gator to meet his exacting standards. Drawing from previous professional and management experience in hospitality and retail settings as well as from her international background, Mary Ann has shown strong aptitude in the organizational and social skills required to smoothly run the outstanding eateries that Chef Gator envisions.

Contact: Maryann@GatorsRusticBurger.com